Frequently Asked Questions From Cross Promotion Partners

Warren Whitlock
Cross Promotion Expert

Each part of a cross promotion is simple, but the combinations that give us exponential results sometimes make the whole thing look like a dog chasing it's own tail.

Here's the most often asked questions with answers.

1. How does it work?

From a partners perspective, the promotion entails three simple steps.

  • Supply a bonus gift that would be attractive to your target audience

  • Set up a sign up process if you want to collect names for your mailing list

  • eMail an endorsement/recommendation on the promotion day

If you're signed up as a partner, I'll give you a form for submitting the gift, and advice about what works best. If you don't already have a sign up process, this is an important step to your marketing strategy. Do this right away, you need it even without this promotion (email me if you're completely stuck).

I'll have several messages, and copy points to help you write a message to your mailing list. Just make sure you're scheduled to send a message on or about the promotion date.

2. How big a list do I need to participate?

The value of this kind of network is in the voluntary cooperation of members. We all need to commit to doing what we say we will do. There is no policing of this, I know you'll do what you can.

To participate, you need to recommend and/or endorse the book we're promoting. If you'll agree to send the emails, and you follow through, you'll find that others will gladly open up their networks to you.

If your list is small.. this is the best way to grow. Find good values for your list and tell them about it. Offer a bonus to anyone that signs up, and other list owners and promoters will help if the know they can trust you.

The trust element can't be over emphasized. Sign me up for your mailing list, and send out recommendations. When you do, I'll KNOW that you're the kind of partner I'm looking for and will do everything I can to help you.

So many people sign up, and then forget to follow through. Later, they complain that they can't figure out how to grow a mailing list. Don't fall into that trap. Sign up to help, do whatever you can, and soon you'll have a large mailing list.

3. Do I have to send your message on that one day?

Many of our partners have weekly mailings of a newsletter or ezine, and never send "solo mailings". Others send mail daily, or whenever they get around to it.

The power of this promotion is that MOST of the partners will mail in a 24 to 48 hour period, on the day of, or day before the promotion. However, if you don't have a space for this, we'll take what you have.

The promotion will be live a week before the promotion date, and several weeks after. I know you'll send out email at the best time you have available and would never suggest you abuse your list to insert my message.

You can write whatever you want, or use my message copy... whatever is best for you and your list. I'm grateful for any links to the promo page at any time.

4. What does this cost me?

In our promo emails, we tend to paint the picture that this is a totally free promotions. Technically, you're not required to spend any money, but to get the most from this, I'd recommend budgeting to buy the books you recommend, and pay whoever does your web site to make sure you are maximizing the number of sign ups that you can get.

There is NO COST OR OBLIGATION to participate. You can send out an email to your list, and offer a bonus gift via manual email redemption or a phone call. However, the results will be better if you budget a couple of hours time, and a few dollars to the effort.

If you have more questions.. just ASK ME. Here's my contact information:

Warren Whitlock, Marketing Results Coach
702-953-5843 -